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How to Stock and Care Your Basketball Card Collection


Collecting basketball card was a pastime hobby, but, it has become a true passion. It isn't a hobby or passion, for many collectors it is in the interest of trading. As the demand keeps on increasing, the basketball card values soared.

Decades and decades ago, basketball trading cards were first included in the packs of other sports cards. The value of the card corresponds to the popularity of the player, condition and rarity. Due to such factors, the basketball card price is higher today. Whether you are an avid collector or intending to trade, you need to take proper care to upkeep the condition of the card.

In the past, collectors don't stock the cards in a systematic way. They kept it all scrambled, either wrapped with a rubber band, tossed in a box or pinned up on the wall without covers. This affected the condition of the cards and at times causes severe damage. Whether anyone collects for hobby for trading purpose, it is advisable to stock them in an organized way and protect from damage.

Maintaining your collection
Before the collection piles up, you should know how to maintain them. You must determine the value of each card which can be done by referring to Beckett price guides or Tuff Stuff. If you know the value, it will inspire you to store and care for the cards. It isn't about just storing the cards, but to organize them as well.

Organize your collection
You shouldn't wait for the gigantic collection, but, should cultivate a system of organization. It is pointless to have a most valuable rare vintage card, but tossed in a box along with heaps of other cards. Mastering the organization skill is important which will help you locate a specific card with ease.

Storing up
Organizing the collection isn't possible without a proper equipment to store them. If you are looking for an economical option, simply using a shoe box could be of great help in protecting the cardboards from extreme sunlight. The best way would be to purchase a trading card storage box designed for storing the basketball and other cards. Different sizes of storage box are available in the market. Check out the boxes which have separation rows where you can club similar or sets together.

The above tips will help you maintain your basketball card collections. But, you cannot overlook the ever changing market trend and pricing. A Basketball Card Guide or a relevant sports magazine is a must have to determine the Basketball Card Value.

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