Monday, December 29, 2014

Sports Card Collecting and Buying, in 2015

Card collecting has been around for many, many years, even though no one can agree on when. Some say the first baseball card was in the 1930s , while others go further back to the 1800s. Yet more will say all the way back to Greece and its gladiators. As I said many years. Instead of going over some time line , let us go over different types of collectable cards and why we collect them.

Sports cards come in as the top collected cards by the 2011 survey and it came as no big surprise. Being born in Dayton, Ohio in the 70s you can understand that I am a Pete Rose fan and my prize card from my collection is 1976 Topps National League Championship card. It has Pete rounding third and has the words under the picture say, Reds sweep Phillies 3 in a row. Sounds cool right? I had it professionally graded and they gave it a 8.5 grade and placed it in an protective case. If you do not know how the grade system works, 8.5 is not real good. With that being said, if I could only choose one card that I could get autographed , this would be this one. Even with a low grade the autograph would bring the value up a great deal. If they ever induct him into the hall of fame, it would send it even higher. A card purchased with cents now worth some serious cash and it would not be for sale. You may ask why and the answer would be simple. Because it is a 1976 Topps N.L Championship card with Pete Rose rounding third as they sweep the Phillies. This is how true collector feels about his or her cards.

Game cards are wildly collected and played across the globe. They are sold in all types varying from cartoons to sports. Each having some type of game to use them with. They have rare or hard to find cards like the sports type cards do. So you are always trying to collect as many as possible for better game play and it gives you something different to do besides just collecting the cards to look at and say we have one in our stories at school or work. Because of the rare special cards there is a large market for the sale of single cards at a even larger mark up.

Trading cards can be found for just about everything and everyone. You can get them of your favorite movie,cartoon,actor,musician,singer and the list goes on and on. They can also be charitable or in memory of a person or place. One of the most beautiful cards I have ever seen, was a first anniversary of Twin Towers attacks, plated in twenty three caret gold. It was well crafted and was just plain stunning. No matter what the collector is looking for, I bet there is a trading card for it, if not then there should be.

See there are many types of cards to collect. They are our favorite player or actress. That movie we seen as a kid or the game you played and whooped every person on your block. They are a great low cost hobby when compared to others. They can also take up less space, sense you want them neatly and carefully stored for their protection. So if card collecting is something new to you, or a long pastime of yours, have fun and keep collecting.