Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Slipknot Album Due In Early 2017, This is Not The End Of Slipknot

Slipknot Member Shawn Crahan aka Clown

On Tuesday Slipknot's Clown explains the timetable for their next album. Slipknot's Clown thinks the band's sixth album could appear as early 2017 - also stating their passion for the project is already where it needs to be. Slipknot is in Europe from June 5-20th, and then returns to West Palm Beach, Florida for the summer US Tour with Lamb Of God, Bullet For My Valentine and Motionless In White.starting July 24th. As it sits now, the next album wouldn't start until mid-2016. Also headlining yet another year at the Download festival at Donington, UK.

Clown tells Loudwire: "It takes six months to make a record, so it could be as early as the first quarter of 2017. We're in the rhythm of writing all the time, which is a very helpful tool. It's not anything that won't get used. Usually if we're writing, it's passion."

Slipknot percussionist Clown thinks the band’s sixth album could appear in early 2017 – and he says passion for the project is already there.

Guitarist Jim Root told Metal Hammer earlier this month that it was difficult to say what direction the material would take and that there’s a couple of different ways to approach it – we could approach it like we did Iowa compared to the first release, or we could approach it like picking up where The Subliminal Verses or The Gray Chapter left off. Do we go more aggro, heavy and death metal, or do we go more cerebral, more Pink Floyd, more kind of experimental? It’s hard to say.”

Meanwhile, late bassist Paul Gray is to be remembered at an art exhibition at the band’s home town of Des Moines, Iowa, on June 19-20. Memorabilia on view at the Kum & Go Theater include masks, instruments, photos and more. A memorial book will be on sale, with proceeds going to Gray’s daughter October.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

30 GIFs That Explain The World Around Us [Gif]

How The Human Face Forms In The Womb 

The History Of US States And Territories In Maps 

How The Easter Island Moai Statues Might Have Been Transported 

How Macaroni Is Made 

How Keys Work 

The History Of Religious Conquests 

How Bullets Work 

How guns work 

The New York Times Coverage Of The 1996 Election 

The Evolution Of The British Empire 

How Chinas Borders Evolved 

The Evolution Of European Countries 

The Origins And Evolution Of The English Alphabet 

The Future Size Of Earth 

The Growth Of Las Vegas 

The Expansion Of Walmart 

The Evolution Of The Holy Roman Empire 

Internet Use Based On Time Of Day 

The United States Largest Cities By Decade 

The Legalization Of Marijuana In The United States 

Popular Female Names In The United States 

Popular Male Names In The United States 

Tracking Obesity Rates In The United States 

The Growth Of London 

The Rise And Fall Of The Ottoman Empire 

The Shrinking Of The Aral Sea 

Earths True Size 

Polands Territorial Changes From 1635 To 2009 

Territorial Claims Of North America 

Monthly Unemployment Rate 

The Changing Distribution Of The United States Population 

Enjoy these thirty fantastic GIFs that explain the world around us.


Seattle to Shutter Dozens of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Seattle to Shutter Dozens of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

With Washington state overhauling its medical marijuana law, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray says the city is planning to shutter dozens of dispensaries.
Murray on Tuesday announced plans to require a new special business license for marijuana establishments, akin to those required for taxi operators and pawn shops. Under the mayor's plan, the businesses will be required to obtain the licenses by July 2016.
But just as the state's new medical marijuana law gives priority in licensing to dispensaries that were in operation before Jan. 1, 2013, so does Murray's proposal. Seattle officials say that by their tally, 54 of the city's 99 medical marijuana storefronts opened after that date or have been operating without a city business license.

Grow Q&A: Ladybugs Vs. Spider Mites

Grow Q&A: Ladybugs Vs. Spider Mites

Marijuana Patch Is Providing UnderCover Relief to the Masses


People will put up with anything provided it doesn`t block traffic.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Has OTEP Has Been Writing New Songs For A New Upcoming Album? YES!

OTEP AT KNOTFEST, photo by Blunt Headed's Instagram

OTEP was at Knotfest in Southern California in 2014, performing and using water guns to spray red fake blood on the crowd. There has never been such an amazing crowd warming response as this show, way in the back corner of the venue, The DJ Starscream Mobile Assault Vehicle aka, the RV, tucked back for merchandise and the after show autographs. After their huge performance, the line for the band OTEP was stretched across the entire field, for several hours into the afternoon. Which means that OTEP fans were missing hours of other band's music, just to meet OTEP Shamaya herself or if not, to say hi again.

OTEP AT KNOTFEST, photo by Blunt Headed's Instagram

It is hard to express what kind of cult following OTEP continues to have with their fans more than willing to embrace them now, and follow the band as OTEP has been on tour since Knotfest ended, with an incredibly wide reception not just at their shows, but on social media as well. OTEP's show resembles early 2000's Slipknot show, with Butchered animal heads, blood, masks, and anger... lots and lots of anger. While getting older it becomes easier to give into nostalgic thoughts and find these shows less of a copy of Slipknot, but paying homage to the olden days, in the festival of the Knot dedicated to true metal music and art. OTEP last year signed an artist management deal with Mach 2.8 Entertainment Group, CEO Sid Wilson from SLIPKNOT, and Symon Mead.


It's a gathering of kids that really get a show they expected with Knotfest, and not a bunch of suits and ties sitting in a room trying to plot out a strategy of making more and more money bring in cheezier and cheezier bands that kill everyone's buzz. With the Slipknot members getting a say, and in turn giving the kids what they want, is really what makes bands like OTEP available to their loyal fans that just want their band back. With Sid Wilson and Mach 2.8 Entertainment helping to bring in music that still has a voice for years to come, this is a breath of fresh air for the metal music community. This is also proof of why artists like Sid Wilson, may know what they're talking about.

Speaking to the 107.5 The Rock radio station, OTEP said (hear audio below): "We've been doing a lot of writing, and there are plans [to make] a new OTEP album this year. And you're actually kind of getting the breaking news here; we haven't announced it yet. But, yeah, we're gonna be recording a new album this year. We're real excited, and it's gonna be… I don't know… The songs we've been writing, they're just pouring out of us and they just feel amazing. And it's everything that we are. It's grown from our roots where we started and then it's blossomed into where are are now as artists and musicians."

Sid now has a SPIT16 app/challenge out now for the hottest 16 bars and a chance to work with him in the studio. Click HERE to for SID's facebook page.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

8 Crazy TV Theories

Walking Dead Bad

Makes Moves, Doesn’t Move: What Makes A Stoner Different From A Burnout

Makes Moves, Doesn’t Move: What Makes A Stoner Different From A Burnout


Smoking weed isn’t really much different than eating an ice cream. If you smoke too much, sure, bad things are bound to happen. That said, eat too much ice cream and your future ain’t going to be rainbows and butterflies, either.




Rig Rundown: Slipknot's Jim Root and Mick Thompson

Rig Rundown: Slipknot

Like Slipknot? Want to see the Guitars, the Set Up and all that good stuff, check out the pics and other cool stuff at

Grand Jury Indicts Six Officers In Freddie Gray Case

Grand Jury Indicts Six Officers In Freddie Gray Case


Friday, May 22, 2015

Catching Up with Former Death Row Inmate, Damien Echols, and a Member of the West Memphis Three

Catching Up with Damien Echols, Former Death Row Inmate and a Member of the West Memphis Three

If you're familiar with the case of the West Memphis Three, you'll be aware that attempting to condense the complexity, length, and injustice of it all into a few paragraphs is near impossible. If you're unfamiliar with it, then watching the excellentParadise Lost trilogy of documentaries—as well as Amy Berg's equally fantastic West of Memphis—serves as a good introduction to this astonishing story.

In short, the West Memphis Three are Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley, Jr. They were three boys from West Memphis, Arkansas, aged between 16 and 18, who in 1993 were arrested and convicted for the murder and sexual mutilation of three eight-year-old boys—Steve Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers. Due to the apparent acts of mutilation it was accused that what had taken place was in fact a satanic ritual—human sacrifices. The pressure on the police to solve the heinous crime was huge, which, combined with the town having a history of supposed witchcraft and satanic practices, left a community shattered and in terrifying fear. Echols, Misskelley, and Baldwin were picked up as they were known friends and were into what a lot of alienated teenagers were into: heavy metal, wearing black, being left alone, and doing their own thing.

Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan Talks Next Slipknot Album, Pays Tribute to Late Member Paul Gray

May 24, 2015 marks the five-year anniversary of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray‘s death. At this year’s Rock on the Range Festival, Loudwire Nights host Full Metal Jackie caught up with Slipknot percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan to speak about the band, and it’s future plans and how they will to pay homage to Gray.

Gray’s death proved extremely difficult to recover from. Slipknot found themselves emotionally unequipped to create new material for several years, as imagining studio sessions without Paul Gray seemed near-impossible. However, six years after releasing All Hope is Gone, Slipknot came back swinging with the immensely successful .5: The Gray Chapter in 2014.

In this interview, Clown reveals that Slipknot have been writing for their sixth studio album. No definitive plans have been made, but Clown guesses that the next Slipknot LP could be released as soon as the first quarter of 2017.

Speaking of Paul Gray, Clown shared some kind sentiments for his late friend. “I miss his energy on days like this,” says Clown, referring to the band’s set at Rock on the Range. “This would be exciting to him; this big stadium. He’d be doing a lot of stuff today. His energy would be good and I miss that. Just that positive, remembering why we were kids and jamming in a basement to take over the world in some rock band, back when it was a dream.”


Happiness is the greatest pursuit of life. Some people want their dream job, others want to find their soul mate, but in reality, we are all just searching for happiness and joy. Without happiness (or at least the hope of happiness), life almost becomes meaningless. Here is the truth about happiness:

The number 1 thing preventing people from living truly happy lives comes down to their belief about what happiness actually is. When you have the wrong idea about what happiness is, you will end up spending your whole life either looking for something in the wrong place or looking for something which never even existed to begin with.

Frexting The Sexts You Send Friends

Today’s Bad Idea: ‘Frexting,’ The Sexts You Send Friends

Supposedly straight women are sending intimate pictures of themselves to each other. But it’s just platonic, they keep insisting. Right.

“Frexting” is a truly Frankensteinian portmanteau of “friend” and “sexting.” It’s also a term that some women are using to describe platonic sexting between groups of straight female friends.

As author Kelly Williams Brown puts it in a blog post, “[I]nstead of sexting that random person … send them to a close friend, who will tell you you look hot. Only send PG or PG-13 rated pics, obviously.”

Obviously. Because sending an R- or X-rated pic to a friend would be like, totally gay. Eww.

Some straight men use the infamous rhyming slogan “no homo” to clarify that they are indeed heterosexual after saying something suggestive—or even just friendly—to another man. It’s both unnecessary and homophobic.

And frexting? Frexting is the female equivalent of “no homo” that no one asked for.

The Study About Festivals and Drug Use Is Bull Crap But the Media Still Believed It

The Study About Festivals and Drug Use Is Bull Crap But the Media Still Believed It

That Study About Festivals and Drug Use Is Bullshit (But the Media Still Bought It);0.10721247563352826xw,0.31417624521072796xh&resize=2000:*&output-quality=90

It is a truth universally acknowledged that some festival-goers do drugs. On any given Thursday during the never-ending festival season, there are people the world over planning their trips and rolls for that coming weekend. As festivals have become the cornerstone of the exploding global dance music market, drugs have been the silent partner in the deal with big business. They're there, often tolerated and rarely talked about. But not acknowledging their presence has done little to diminish their appeal to those committed to a chemical high.