Sunday, May 24, 2015

Has OTEP Has Been Writing New Songs For A New Upcoming Album? YES!

OTEP AT KNOTFEST, photo by Blunt Headed's Instagram

OTEP was at Knotfest in Southern California in 2014, performing and using water guns to spray red fake blood on the crowd. There has never been such an amazing crowd warming response as this show, way in the back corner of the venue, The DJ Starscream Mobile Assault Vehicle aka, the RV, tucked back for merchandise and the after show autographs. After their huge performance, the line for the band OTEP was stretched across the entire field, for several hours into the afternoon. Which means that OTEP fans were missing hours of other band's music, just to meet OTEP Shamaya herself or if not, to say hi again.

OTEP AT KNOTFEST, photo by Blunt Headed's Instagram

It is hard to express what kind of cult following OTEP continues to have with their fans more than willing to embrace them now, and follow the band as OTEP has been on tour since Knotfest ended, with an incredibly wide reception not just at their shows, but on social media as well. OTEP's show resembles early 2000's Slipknot show, with Butchered animal heads, blood, masks, and anger... lots and lots of anger. While getting older it becomes easier to give into nostalgic thoughts and find these shows less of a copy of Slipknot, but paying homage to the olden days, in the festival of the Knot dedicated to true metal music and art. OTEP last year signed an artist management deal with Mach 2.8 Entertainment Group, CEO Sid Wilson from SLIPKNOT, and Symon Mead.


It's a gathering of kids that really get a show they expected with Knotfest, and not a bunch of suits and ties sitting in a room trying to plot out a strategy of making more and more money bring in cheezier and cheezier bands that kill everyone's buzz. With the Slipknot members getting a say, and in turn giving the kids what they want, is really what makes bands like OTEP available to their loyal fans that just want their band back. With Sid Wilson and Mach 2.8 Entertainment helping to bring in music that still has a voice for years to come, this is a breath of fresh air for the metal music community. This is also proof of why artists like Sid Wilson, may know what they're talking about.

Speaking to the 107.5 The Rock radio station, OTEP said (hear audio below): "We've been doing a lot of writing, and there are plans [to make] a new OTEP album this year. And you're actually kind of getting the breaking news here; we haven't announced it yet. But, yeah, we're gonna be recording a new album this year. We're real excited, and it's gonna be… I don't know… The songs we've been writing, they're just pouring out of us and they just feel amazing. And it's everything that we are. It's grown from our roots where we started and then it's blossomed into where are are now as artists and musicians."

Sid now has a SPIT16 app/challenge out now for the hottest 16 bars and a chance to work with him in the studio. Click HERE to for SID's facebook page.