Thursday, May 21, 2015

Police warn against synthetic cannabis fluid

Rhiannon Griffith-Bowman smokes an E-Cigarette at Digital Ciggz on January 28, 2015 in San Rafael, California. The California Department of Public Health released a report today that calls E-Cigarettes a health threat and suggests that they should be regulated like regular cigarettes and tobacco products.

Several dangerous overdoses have been traced back to a synthetic cannabis fluid being used in e-cigarettes.

On Monday afternoon Michigan's Mason County Sheriff's Office was called to the Journey Junior/Senior High School just outside of Ludington for a medical situation.

"When they arrived, they found a 19-year-old student who was actively involved in a seizure," said Sheriff Kim Cole, Mason County.

That incident marked the fourth time authorities in Mason County responded to a similar situation.

"Initially, we thought maybe we were dealing with a nicotine-type overdose because it was an e-cigarette, but when we found out it didn't contain tobacco. It doesn't even qualify as illegal for those under the age of 18 because it not even a tobacco product," Cole said.

All the incidents involved teens, three at area schools and one on a school bus.

"All of our cases that we have documented involve Darth Vapor and e-cigarettes where young people are ingesting this substance though the e-cigarettes and having violent reactions to those," Cole said.  

Posted: 05/20/2015 2:47 PM