Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Several Vendors and Organizers arrested in Las Vegas at Hempcon Over The Weekend

The medical marijuana convention that was held over the weekend at the Cashman Center shut down early on Sunday afternoon after several people were arrested.

Officials with the City of Las Vegas blame the organizers, while the organizers blame the police.

Others said the entire event was a mess.

Metro police said ten people were arrested, three received citations, five booths were shut down, and products and drugs like edibles and mushrooms were confiscated.

Josh Dean was working as a vendor at Hempcon. He said there was a heavy police presence.

There were even undercover and uniformed officers from a drug task force patrolling the area.

In video 8 News NOW obtained from Edibles List, which runs a magazine about edibles, attendees were seen booing the police.

Attendees spoke out about what happened on Twitter and Instagram. They complained about the medical marijuana convention and the busts. Metro said by the third and final day, it looked like a third of the vendors cut out of Hempcon.