Wednesday, June 24, 2015


One Barrier to Cannabis Research Removed, Others Remain

Paul Armentano at High Times - 6 hours ago
Several mainstream media outlets are reporting that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has removed a requirement mandating that all investigative protocols seeking cannabis for clinical study must undergo a Public Health Service review. The review process, w...

Study: Breaking Up Nugs Can Make You Fail a Drug Test

Sirius J at High Times - 6 hours ago
A recently published study from the University of Freiburg in Germany has found that rolling a joint is enough to fail a drug test. Even indirect contact with cannabis can give you a false positive, with big implications for legal cases that revolve around a drug test as ...

Did Pot Play a Role in the Capture of ex-POW Bowe Bergdahl?

Bill Weinberg at High Times - 6 hours ago
Few people have had a more precipitous fall from glory to villainy than Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. solider held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan from June 2009 until he was released in exchange for five Guantánamo detainees in a deal brokered by President Obama i...

Grow Q&A: Marijuana Greenhouse Security

High Times at High Times - 6 hours ago
Have questions about growing cannabis? Our own cultivation expert, DannyDanko, is here to help with all of your marijuana grow concerns. Today's question is about greenhouse security.

7 Truly Terrifying Moments For Potheads at High Times - 6 hours ago
Smoking a shit ton of weed is pretty much always amazing, but every once in a while being a stoner means facing a little bit of terror. Our friends atStonedGirls.comhave brought us this list toto tell you that you are not alone.

Song Premiere: Nattali Rize & NOTIS' 'Midnight Remedy'

Sativa Von Teese at High Times - 6 hours ago
NattaliRize'sdebut EP is dropping in early July, and to celebrate we've decided to share her new song — "Midnight Remedy."

Feds Paying for Sewer Analysis of Pot Usage in Washington

High Times at High Times - 6 hours ago
The federal government is chipping in money for a three-year pilot study using sewage samples to determine levels of marijuana use in two Washington cities - research that could help answer some key questions about pot legalization, according to the University of Puget So...

Chris Christie’s Ominous Shadow

Mark Miller at High Times - 1 day ago
New Jersey legalized medical marijuana in 2009. But Governor Chris Christie has fought legal cannabis—medical or recreational—since taking office. Now he wants to be president.

The Cheap, Easy and Non-Explosive Way to Make Dabs at Home

Craig Coffey at High Times - 1 day ago
A cheap, easy and non-explosive way to make dabs at home.

Survey Says Pot Prices Are Crashing in Colorado

Sativa Von Teese at High Times - 1 day ago
Colorado's recreational marijuana market is now over a year old, andwhile it continues togrow, a newsurvey has found that pot prices are dropping faster than mostexpected.

White House Lifts Research Restrictions on Medical Marijuana

Mike Adams at High Times - 1 day ago
Uncle Sam is finally offering researchers a more assessable approach to studying the medicinal benefits of marijuana. On Monday, the Obama Administration announced that it would no longer force the scientific community to endure some of the bureaucratic red tape that has ...

Louisiana Governor Denies Clemency to Non-Violent Pot Offenders

Mike Adams at High Times - 1 day ago
Although it is predicted that Louisiana Governor BobbyJindalwill sign legislation in the coming weeks to reduce the state’s penalties for possession of marijuana, his sudden change of heart in regard to cannabis crimes may be more of a political scam tha...

Stoner Sex: The Big O, S & M Shows, Wedding Nights & Horny Partners

Hyapatia Lee at High Times - 1 day ago
Hyapatia Lee answers all of your questions regarding cannabis and sexuality.

Gov. Baker OKs Waiver for Massachusetts' 1st Pot Dispensary

High Times at High Times - 1 day ago
Gov. Charlie Baker on Friday issued a one-time, temporary waiver aimed at helping Massachusetts' first marijuana dispensary begin selling pot for medicinal purposes.

2015 NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup: Sunday Highlights

Dabbie Reynolds at High Times - 2 days ago
It's another one for the books! Thank you everyone who came out, worked, volunteered or otherwise helped us make this anincredible HIGH TIMESNorCalMedical Cannabis Cup! Check out highlights from Sunday! SEE ALL THE WINNERS HERE!! SEE AL...

Jorge's Cannabis Encyclopedia: Ensure Female Seedlings

Jorge Cervantes at High Times - 2 days ago
Renowned cannabis expert Jorge Cervantes reveals sure-fire tips to ensure female seedlings in your marijuana garden.

Families Share Living Proof That Marijuana Is Miraculous Medicine

Dan Skye at High Times - 2 days ago
How can you argue with parents whose children are seriously ill but see major improvements in their health from using cannabis? Essentially, you can’t. They’re living proof that marijuana is miraculous medicine. Five of these parents—Chad and Diane...

High Buy: The Psychedelic Light that Makes You Trip

Sirius J at High Times - 2 days ago
“I felt the light on my face, almost as if butterfly wings were fluttering around me, then as the voyage continued the constantly melding colors eventually embodied a giant electric-purple butterfly.” Those were the words of the psychonaut from HIGH TIMES ...

DEA Statistics Reveal Domestic Cultivation Trends

Jon Gettman at High Times - 2 days ago
The Drug Enforcement Administration’s Domestic Cannabis Eradication/SupressionProgram (DCESP) works with state law enforcement to find and eradicate cultivated marijuana in the United States and is one of the few sources for data on domestically grown cannabis...