Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Goat Behind The Wheel of A Car Makes People Go Crazy

The goat's owner, Ashley Robertson, told INSIDE EDITION she had just collected the goat to take home to her farm. But on the way, she realized she needed to stop at Home Depot for a toilet gasket and briefly left him alone inside the car.

"He managed to squeeze in the front seat while I was in the store," she said. "He turned on the wipers and hazard lights, drank an old cup of McD's soda and ate a nutty bar and its wrapper. He then proceeded to poop on the seat before returning to the back of the car."

She only realized that the goat had been spotted by passersby when her sister shared the video with her and said: "This is something you would do."

Robertson said: "I watched it and realized it WAS me!"

She is both "shocked and amused" by the video, she said.

The goat is now back at Robertson's farm, where he is happily living with four female goats, chickens, dogs and cats.